Ethereum Token Development Services

MAtech Solutions BPO is an ERC20 token development company that makes crypto technology highly accessible for every business. We make the whole development process so fecund that the volume or efficacy of the tokens is not an issue anymore. Our developers know how to create valuable tokens that could enhance the performance of your business. Whether it is transactions or any other purpose, our tokens make the operations easier than ever. We make the best use of the Ethereum ecosystem and generate results that keep your enterprise forward at every front.

Ethereum(ERC) Token Development Services

Token Creation

We provide optimized and surpass creation within blockchain ecosystem that provide tokens that are sustainable and recyclable.

Token Transfer

We create tokens and undergo transferring services that makes token transfer easy as a cake, with encryption and architecture decentralized blockchain.

Token Web Wallet

We provide token web wallet services that could hive up limitless number of lifetime longevity and ace security tokens.

Cold Storage

We furnish this service which is a hardware security that guarantees for the tokens safekeeping and obviate any compromise.

Github Source Code

Our token development services include Computer embedded coding with GitHub that provides an open-source platform to the users for the multiple tasks.

Verify on Etherscan

After our token development, we verify on Etherscan, the significant cryptocurrency market and crypto news provider for your for the better verification.

Types of Ethereum Token Standards

ERC 20 Development

ERC20, an official protocol to propose improvements to the network that is a standard token created on the Ethereum blockchain. It is a traditional finance analogy that would be IPO’s were companies can simply undergo stock exchanges and sell stocks to raise funds of their company. It becomes simple with the ERC20 to exchange one ERC20 toke for another and integration of ERC20 tokens into blockchain wallets and exchanges platform.

ERC 721 Development

ERC-721 is a more sophisticated token and it is “non-fungible” while in comparison with others. The ERC-20 are money as the token type for things whereas ERC-721 as the collectibles token type that is equivalent of Ethereum baseball cards. Besides, each token in the ERC721 is absolutely unique and non interchangeable with other tokens.

ERC 777 Development

ERC 777 token, a projected standard for the issuance and security management tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. Security tokens are value of blockchain based representation that are subject to security regulation. This value representation comprise of traditional assets like equity securities and debt securities as stocks and bonds as well as derivatives like futures, forwards, options and swaps.

ERC 223 Development

ERC223 tokens are congenial with ERC20 tokens. It implies that ERC223 undergoes every functionality of ERC20 as well as the contracts working with ERC20 tokens fit well to work with ERC223 tokens. There exists two prime functionalities in ERc 223, as it eliminates the problem of lost and let the developer to to handle incoming token transactions.

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