Data Mining

We provide a broad range of worldwide data mining administrations and web mining for clients. Mining of data present on multiple secondary sources such as professional websites (i.e., LinkedIn), white pages, yellow pages, company information databases etc is also in our services. MA-TechnoTronic is the best decision in case you are looking to outsource data mining.

Many organizations with a solid interest in customers, similar to those from advertising, retail, communications and financial sectors, prefer our services for data mining tasks. With data mining schemes, factors like customer demographics, competition, economic indicators etc. can be correlated with staff competency, product alignment, price and other internal factors.

What We Offer:

  • WEB DATA MINING: We collect data from the web relative to the size, shape and certain needs of both public and private enterprises.We own the contemporary data collection tools that are proven efficacious at implementing comprehensive web data collection for interpretation.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA DATA MINING : By evaluating the data acquired from social media, we can help you to detect information that is profitable to your business ( advertisement of brand new products and utilities, analysing content of your competitors and discovering trends and buzzwords i.e. hashtags etc.).
  • SQL DATA MINING: A large volume of data available online on the web can be collected and analyzed by utilizing our high level tools of SQL data mining. Our SQL data mining services can manipulate large and extensive databases and assist in data modeling. In order to understand and cope with the requirements of valuable clients, we employ a wide variety of automated as well as manual SQL data mining techniques.
  • EXCEL DATA MINING: Expertise to prepare and apply a variety of excel formulas and models to any existing Excel database is one of our prominent services. After extracting clean data through mining strategies, data analysis offers an astonishing opportunity for successful financial and business planning.
  • WORD & PDF DATA MINING: Our team reserves the expertise to fetch and analyze data from an abundance of text preserved in databases, PDF files, Microsoft Word documents, or printed notes. Our Word and PDF data mining services are extensively utilized for medical and scientific research, data of financial proceedings and transactions,legal issues and more.
  • OPEN SOURCE DATA MINING: We also assist clients who prioritize to use open source softwares for data mining as we prefer to use software that is aligned to client’s requirement by taking care of all constraints.

Data Set Requirement from Client.

Data Sourcing.

Data Collection.

Pertinent data output as per client demand

Implementation of quality check

Provision of final data to client

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